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    We control your app development process from idea inception to visual form, beta testing, marketing, launch and beyond. We work closely with you to ensure that together we build a great product and that we strive to seek alternatives paths to unlock unlimited possibilities.

  • Sprout

    Discover Vegans and Vegetarians Anywhere

    Whether you're looking for friends or something more,

    Launching soon on iOS and Android


    WakePoint is a location based reminder app, which sends messages through text or email to specific people you've chosen, when you arrive or leave one of your created location circle reminders.


    Let your partner know when you have left work, your child when you have arrived to pick them up at school... you decide!


    Teamster, launched on January 2015 connects you with people who play your sport nearby & makes it easy to see and join your friends' weekly sport activities. If you are playing sport this week, post the Activity in Teamster so your friends can join in, and don't worry you can select who is able to join your activities.


    Teamster has thousands of users worldwide and has featured at: TNW Europe 2015 Startup Conference in Amsterdam, & in CNBC, Euro Sport, Road.cc, The Examiner Tasmania

    My Food Truck

    We have recently taken over the development of My Food Truck...


    My Food Truck App is how you find where the food trucks are at and check if they are open


    Food Truck Owners - create a Food Truck Page to interact with customers through the app and your social media accounts


    Food Truck "Eaters" - Find new mobile Food Trucks in your local area, check out their menu, food pics and open status before visiting.

  • Our Core Values

    Idea Evolution & Growth Strategy

    We don't just make apps, we collaborate with people who are in the early to mid stages of an idea, working together to grow and  challenge the idea to ensure it is solid. Before starting development on your project we will work intensively with you to produce a vision for your app so we can test it's market fit, seek out the potential stakeholders and produce a strong growth strategy.

    Intuitive Design & Key Features

    For an app to be successful, it must have have an interface that is intuitive with features that the user cannot live without, whether it's a viral social app or B2B app. Through the Idea Evolution phase we produce the most important set of features that the app shall initially perform. We then take these key features to design a clean and intuitive interface that users will love.

    The Right Code & User Testing

    Control Alt Develop is always up to date with the latest coding languages and development trends. This ensures that your app is made quicker and with the newest insides behind the screen. Testing is the most important part of the development cycle to ensure that your original idea and key app features align with your real life users and in figuring out what needs to change.

  • The Founders

    Henry Chan

    Co-Founder, Code Master



    Henry is an energetic technologist with valuable experience in bootstrapping new startups and the ability to make things happen in a lean and agile way. 



    Henry leads software development, development process and new technology evaluation.



    He is the key person in connecting the missing dots in idea inception.



    Henry has more than 15 years software development experience in web application, Platform API and mobile apps. 



    Henry's interest includes:

    iOS app, Cloud computing, Micro services, NoSQL, BigData, Responsive Web, Realtime technology, Single Page Application, Augmented reality, Internet Of Things, Location based technology, content driven minimal design, Gamification, User Engagement, Lean Startup, MVP, Agile development process, product over specification, collaboration over paper work, Social Commerce, Platform thinking model


    LinkedIn Profile


    Sam McCallum

    Co-Founder, Visionary, UX/UI Design


    Sam is able to take any app idea and come up with an efficient visual solution incorporating all user types, stakeholders and current market trends.


    He has the ability to take existing apps, websites or software and seek out inefficiencies to develop visual and functionality ideas for improvement.



    Sam leads design, marketing, partnerships and along with Henry the idea engineering throughout each project.



    Sam's enjoys going for a run or a cruise on his road bike in the sun with friends followed by a soy hot chocolate, wearing all black to achieve a stealthy image, meeting inspiring people, modern architecture, clean minimalist design and technology.

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